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Welcome. This blog will showcase some of the artwork I have created. Past, present and works in progress will be shared with visitors here, in addition to other postings relevant to my work. Feedback is welcome. Thanks for checking it out.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

War Horse

Acrylic and enamel on canvas. Approx 50"Wx36"H

This painting is a good example of a phase I go through with almost all of my works. A constant reworking and almost tumbling into the final product is how I paint. Many times, I do not set out with a concept, and can often end in a place very far from where the first strokes leave me. One painting will sometimes be 1000 destroyed paintings by the time is is completed. It is both a satisfying and frustrating process for me. All of my mistakes are yelling at me to be fixed, and that never seems to end. This painting ended in a high energy phase- but if I were to be standing in front of it right now- it would most definitely be screaming at me to fix it.

I have friends who are still angry with me for taking my art from their homes, changing it, and returning it.

I think she is in "Heaven" as well. I need to verify this.

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